Welcome to Capers Chapel

"Catch the Vision"
 To make a difference in our world by surrendering
our wills to God's Will.  Allowing God to empower
us to advance His Kingdom by proclaiming the
Gospel of the Kingdom, not only in word,
but with actions and deeds by the
power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

"The little church with the big heart"

"The Road to Reformation: A Message for the Church" is a dynamic, 10-episode teaching series in which Keith Johnson (United Methodist Pastor and founder of Biblical Foundations Academy International) shares eight vital steps for making genuine reformation a reality in the lives of God’s people. Key Scriptures are from 2 Kings 22-23. 

The Eight Steps to the Road to Reformation are:

1) Find the Road 2) Repair 3) Read 4) Repent 5) Request 6) Renew 7) Reject 8) Rediscover.

Originally, Capers Chapel Methodist Church was Established in 1830.  

Capers Chapel is part of the United Methodist Church.  Supply Pastor, Rev. Joseph A. Chandler, 

is ordained with The Missionary Church International (TMCI). 

2341 Storm Branch Rd, 

Beech Island, SC 29842