Kingdom of God

We  share about the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and Restoration of the Kingdom of Israel.




Served Churches 

Joseph Served as the Pastor and/or Assoc. Pastor at several Churches.  The last was at Capers Chapel UMC in Beech Island, SC from June 2015 until June 2020 teaching the Truth of the Hebraic Roots of the Faith.

Hebraic Fellowships

Kingdom of God-minded  home or small-group fellowships to help you grow in a safe environment to Help You  Reach Your Full Potential In The Kingdom. This could be part of an existing ministry or independent.  Come join with us building the Kingdom of God!

Hebraic Roots

We can come and minister and teach to help your assembly understand Scriptures from their Hebraic Roots and teach on the Messiah in the Passover as well as other Feasts of the LORD (YeHoVaH).

Coming Back to the Truth!

"Catch the Vision"
To make a difference in our world by surrendering our wills to God's Will.  Allowing God to empower us to advance His Kingdom by proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, not only in word, but with actions and deeds by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Joseph Chandler

Joseph Chandler ministers in teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom through a Hebraic Roots understanding while sharing the Supernatural Love of God the Father through the Holy Spirit He also shares that same Love in the Anointing while providing Soaking prayer for others seeing the Power of Holy Spirit  go through him to touch and change the lives of others.  

"Helping You Reach Your Full Potential In The Kingdom"