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"To make a difference in our world by surrendering our wills to God's Will.  Allowing God to empower us to advance His Kingdom by proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, not only in word, but with actions and deeds by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit."

Deidra and Joseph Chandler

"You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit--fruit that will last..."  John 15:16a (NIV)


The Ministry of Joseph Chandler.


                I have been in ministry of some sort since 1995 when I was first ordained with The Missionary Church International  which also chartered In Him Ministries (Like The Rabbi Ministries) which served as my covering for many different outreaches for over 28 years. I am now also ordained as a Messianic Jewish Rabbi.  As the LORD (YeHoVaH) leads and opens doors, I minister in teaching the Word of God through Hebraic Roots understanding while sharing the Supernatural Love of God the Father.  I also shares that same Love in the Anointing while providing Soaking prayer for others seeing the Power of God go through me to touch and change the lives of others.    I am just the vessel, God is the one that does the work.  The desire and calling I have been given is to:  “Help Others to Reach Their Full Potential within the Kingdom of God!”



Here is a little of my background.


                My father, Rev. Floyd Vernon Chandler, Jr., was a Methodist Minister for more than 30 years. So I was raised within the Methodist Church where my father served as minister. I first received the LORD (YeHoVaH) in a personal relationship in 1972 within the United Methodist Church. My wife was a Presbyterian and I United Methodist when we married more than 41 years ago.  After marrying in 1983 to my wonderful wife Deidra, God guided me to work with a variety of other groups including Methodist, Baptist, Independent Christian Fellowships, Messianic Israel, Jewish and others. All of which were a learning experience.  After all we are to be united in the essential of the Faith worshiping the same God of the Bible and loving each other within the Body in our differences.


            God has blessed my wife, Deidra and I with three children: Ashley, Sarah and Joey. I praise God for my family! They truly are a blessing given from above. All of our children have now grown up into adulthood with their own challenges and adventures of their own.


             I became active within Emergency Services while in High School in 1978 as a volunteer Firefighter with Bath Fire Dept.  Fire-EMS-Law Enforcement became part of my vocations for over 44 years.  EMT since 1980 and Paramedic (31 years) from 1985-2016.  In the late 1980’s I felt God was calling me into the ministry of some sort. I just was not sure what kind it would be. The United Methodists wanted a Regional Accredited Bachelor degree to start the entry process, which I did not have at that time, so I started preparing the only way I knew how by taking Bible courses and serving in the local Church.  Over the years I have hosted a “Home Group Bible Study and Fellowship”, Bi-Vocational Pastor with an Independent Vineyard Style Church, taught Sunday School, worked as a Bi-Vocational Assistant Pastor and Youth Director in a Baptist Church, taught Adult Sunday School as well as led a Messianic Fellowship that met in a local Church of God and also five years as a Pastor at an United Methodist Church teaching Hebraic Roots of the Faith.  My family as well as my wife's family seems to have a stories of both "Jewish" as well as "Native American" connections. With possible Jewish or Hebrew family connections on both sides of our family roots and our love of the People of Israel; our journey took my wife and I into Reform Judaism for several years.  There we studied our family history roots as well as worshiping and studying Torah within the Jewish Community.  During this time we worked with two Reform Rabbis for almost two years including the process of conversion and became officially Jewish.  We were told (by these two Rabbis)  that even if we returned to Christianity to worship the God of Israel,(YeHoVaH) we would always now be also "Jewish" and part of the Jewish Community within the world.  We continued to worship within the local Jewish Community for two more years learning more of our roots and Judaism.

This journey brought a deeper understanding of the Torah as well as the history of Judaism and the "Jewish" People.  (I say "Jewish" but also realizing that the Whole of Israel includes more than just those with the Tribe of Judah.)  This also gave us a better understanding why the "Jesus" as most of  the "Church" has presented over the years could not be the "Messiah" because the "Church" presents a "Jesus" that changed and done away with much of the Torah.  The "Messiah" would never do that.  In fact the Scriptures in Deuteronomy worn against any prophet that teaches what God (YeHoVaH) did not command or does away with any of the Commandments, we are not to follow them.  The "Jesus" that "Christianity" presented, as a whole, (that changed the Feasts and did away with the Commandments) so he is  not to be followed per the Scriptures.  I know that the "Church" has brought in many errors that brought about this misunderstanding but it is sad that the  "Jesus" that "Christianity" presented (for the most part) cannot be the Messiah because of these errors.  So in this case, many of those in Judaism, are obeying the Scriptures much more than those in "Christianity".  Don't take or understand this statement wrong.  None of this took God (YeHoVaH) by surprise.  For the most part both Judaism and Christianity had a role to play in order to get the Scriptures about the God (YeHoVaH) of Israel to the whole world.  Yeshua, (Jesus) is the Messiah and provides personal salvation and one day when he is presented correctly, many more will see this truth.  Yet his core teaching was the from the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible.  Both Rabbinical Judaism as well as Constantine Christianity added to the Scriptures and changed much that Yeshua (Jesus) taught and lived.  Yeshua (Jesus) taught against many of the added "laws" within "Judaism" trying to get people back to following Scriptures without added to or taking away from them. (Matthew 5:17-19)  Yeshua (Jesus) did not come to start a "new" religion or add to or take away from Torah.  Yet later those that claim to follow Jesus, added to and took away from the Scriptures.  There has to come  a time where both groups repent of the errors, return and find the place where the Living Torah and Living Holy Spirit come together in Truth.

The "Church" during the time of Constantine changed the Sabbath to Sunday Worship and adopted many pagan feasts and practices that the "Messiah" would never do.  Constantine even declared to do away with everything Jewish, every Law, rite and custom.  In doing this, "Christianity" was in fact doing away with a Jewish Jesus (Yeshua) and accepting a false "Jesus".  During this time "Christianity" adopted many pagan feasts and worshiped other gods yet claiming to make them holy by using new "Christian" names to them thus presenting a false "Jesus".   Because of this, the Jewish People are obeying the Scriptures by not accepting the "Jesus" that the "Church" or "Christianity"  presented.   The Jesus in Scriptures was Jewish and followed Biblical Judaism (the Torah).  Only if and when the "Church" gets rid of all the errors (traditions of men and pagan practices) that came into their religious doctrine and returns back to obeying the Scriptures and Torah; much would be corrected.  I see in Scriptures that  Jesus (Yeshua) obeyed and taught Torah.  If "Christianity" ever admits it's errors and present Jesus as the Jewish Rabbi that he was (one that did not do away with the Torah, Commandments, Instructions), then just maybe those in Judaism can see Jesus as he was, a Jewish Rabbi and the Messiah that taught and lived Torah and taught for the restoration of the Kingdom of God (YeHoVaH) and to ultimately bringing the House of Israel and the House of Judah back together, united together, following Torah, and in the Land of Israel.  (Ezekiel 37)

  While worshiping and living a Jewish life within Reform Judaism and the Jewish Community, even though following Torah, keeping the Feasts, as powerful and meaningful as that were,  there seemed to be missing the "personal relationship" with Father God (YeHoVaH) and the Holy Spirit presence and moving.  We still consider ourselves as Jewish but also feel a call also seek to reach out to others still within "Christianity" that have been taught the errors listed above in and needed to see and understand their Hebraic Roots of the Faith and see the one they call "Jesus" as he was.  Born Jewish, lived Jewish, died Jewish and rose again still 100% Jewish.  He never came to change or start a new religion.     He never came to do away with any of the Commandments (Torah) of God (YeHoVaH).  He came to bring the Kingdom of God!  It is time for many within "Christianity" to wake up to the errors and traditions of men that they have been taught and return back to following, obeying the God (YeHoVaH) of Israel and His Torah.  It is time for the prophecy within Ezekiel 37 of joining the Two Sticks, House of Israel and House of Judah to take place.  All of these truths needed to be presented  in a "safe and loving way" so that each can see that God (YeHoVaH) is and has been in control of all of this all along.  There is no reason to turn against Rabbinical Judaism as well as mainstream Christianity because of their errors.  Each had a role to play in the Bigger Picture of God's plans.


                Often the Hebraic Roots of the Faith are part of what God has allowed me to teach during this journey and bring to others that have no idea of what they are missing without looking at things through the Hebraic eyes. There has to be a place where both Torah and Spirit come together in Truth in The Gospel of Kingdom.  Over the years our Heavenly Father also introduced me to the “more of God” that is available for those that seek Him.  I discovered that the Holy Spirit is real and not just a theological term.  In the past and along our journey, my wife and I attended meetings at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Canada during the outpouring there in 1996.  We also attended meetings at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola Florida as well as other places where the Renewal was taking place.  All adding to the anointing of what God was doing in my life.  In 1998 I was blessed to go on a Tour to Israel.  Being in the Land of Israel "Revived" within me a deep desire to learn more of the Hebraic Roots of the Faith as well as learning more about Israel.  I don't know how to say it but when in Israel, I felt like I had found my "Home".  These are just a few of the places God brought our journey of learning and serving Him.


                While in High School I started as a Volunteer Fire Fighter and later entered Emergency Services field for over 40 years. As far as education outside of my Fire and EMS training, I have completed an Associate in Science in Criminal Justice in 1983 (University of South Carolina). I completed an Advanced Biblical Studies Diploma from a Bible Institute in 1990 (Liberty University), Bachelor of Theology in 1991, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies in 1996 (American Bible College and Seminary), and a Doctorate in Practical Ministry in Chaplaincy in 2001 (Master’s International School of Divinity). I went back to Liberty University and received a Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies (Cum Laude) with minors in Criminal Justice and Social Science in 2008.  And completed the  "Bachelor Arts Certificate in the Hebraic Roots of Christianity" from Master's International University of Divinity in 2018.  I also have Critical Incident Stress Management - Basic, Critical Incident Stress Management - Advanced, & Pastoral Crisis Intervention from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation as well as completed the Stress and Trauma Care Counseling Certificate Training Program from Light University which is a ministry of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  


                I felt that God once again had been calling me more toward the areas that serve within ministry to others over the last few years as I started to approach the age of 50.  I think because of being brought up the son of a Methodist minister, I started to look and visiting and even looking at joining other United Methodist Churches, God led us to join Capers Chapel United Methodist Church located in Beech Island, SC in April, 2012.  We again began to explore the possibility of becoming a minister and Local Pastor within the United Methodist Church.  I have had the opportunity to preach on many occasions in the past and enjoy doing so.  It is interesting how God often leads. 


                 Shortly after joining Capers Chapel UMC, another United Methodist Pastor that was into the Renewal movement told me about a Healing and Impartation Conference that Aldersgate Renewal Ministries and Global Awakening were doing at an United Methodist Church in Tennessee.  I went to that with him and YeHoVaH  touched me even greater than before.  


               I was also working with Much More Ministries during this time helping with area Glory Gatherings.  Pastor Ron Fearneyhough and his wife Judith started this ministry after he retired from the United Methodist Church and serving 15 plus years at Gracewood United Methodist Church in the Renewal in Augusta, GA.  Throughout the above events God led me to, it is amazing at just how many anointed leaders I had been under their teaching and prayed for during the years.  It was not until several movies came out like, “Finger of God”, “Furious Love”, “Father of Lights”, “Holy Ghost” and “Sons of God”, that I notice that many of the leaders on these, I have also had contact with over the years in some way.  My thoughts was, “What has God been doing and what are His plans for me?”


                I retired from the Savannah River DOE (Department of Energy) Site Fire Department the end of October 2012 after serving in Emergency Services for over 34 years and as a Paramedic Fire Fighter for over 24.75 years of service at Savannah River DOE Site with a “Q” security clearance.  One of the main reasons was that my mother's health was not well and I was needed to help take care of her.  My goal was to also soon go into full time ministry as God opened the door and lead us.  Sometimes God gives us detours.  Detours are not a bad thing.  We are detoured because if we were to go the way we were going, there is often a danger ahead.  Detours also often let us get off the main traveled road and get to see the less traveled paths.  It can be a learning experience that we need to go through to prepare us for what God has for our future.


                As we traveled down the road toward ministry, God opened the door and gave me the opportunity to work with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy within the Aiken County Detention Center for three months in 2013.  While there I saw a great need for spiritual help as well as a deep hunger from many inmates seeking a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach ).  I am thankful for God bringing me into that eye opening experience and seeing the need for those within the Criminal Justice system.  They do need our prayers and help to change now.  But I wonder just how many would be there if they had an upbringing within a loving family, loving Church?  God opened the door so I could pray with many there and release God's Love and Peace there.


                I also had to opportunity to work with the Salvation Army.  God gave me a book, "Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes", that I published that I have been able to share with many.  Each experience became a learning opportunity that I know I needed to experience.  Sometimes what we think was a detour just might be God guiding us to a new destination and timetable that He desires us for us in the first place.


                Soon God opened another door for serving others as well as supporting the values and principles that I was raised with and believe in as an Eagle Scout.  August 2014 I started a career with the Boy Scouts of America as a District Executive with the Georgia-Carolina Council headquartered in Augusta, GA.  My district was the Yamasee District consisting of the counties of Edgefield, Aiken and Barnwell in South Carolina.  At the Georgia-Carolina Council I work with other volunteers and youth scouts in my Yamasee District.  I also served often as the Camp Medic during camping events and taught the Wilderness First Aid course to some other leaders.  Below is a picture of leading a devotional morning service at the camp.

So just what do I do you ask?  "I Help Others to Reach Their Full Potential within the Kingdom of God!"  It is not just a job one chooses because someone much Greater does the choosing and appointing.  It is more than a job, it is a calling.   Part of the 'calling" is to also teach the "Truth" found within Scriptures and the Hebrew Roots of the Faith including seeking to help other come back to the "Truth" and obeying Scriptures which include the instructions of God (YeHoVaH).  This is a needed step to prepare those from the House of Israel that were scattered to all nations, to wake up and return to God (YeHoVaH) and His Torah.  Then we will be closer to being ready and in place for Ezekiel 37 to take place and the "Whole United Kingdom of Israel" to be restored.


                 I worked with the Boy Scouts as a District Executive until I resigned June of 2015 to become the Pastor for two United Methodist Churches near my home.  It is all in God’s timing.   June 2015 became the Pastor of a two Church Charge of Bath and Capers Chapel United Methodist Churches in Aiken County, SC as well as continued to work within Scouting as an UMC Scouting Ministry Specialist and a Volunteer in Scouting as a Unit Commissioner for a while.  It is very interesting how God does things.  My father was voted on to become a Licensed Local Pastor in 1960 at a Charge Conference held at Capers Chapel.  One of the Churches he served in 1978 and the early 1980's was at Bath UMC.  I find myself preaching and teaching as the Pastor at both of these churches. (Bath UMC, with few members, voted to close its door as of Jan. 1, 2017)  I continued to serve the people of Bath as they sought where God would have them worship and continue to serve God.  Within that group of about 8 attenders, 3 moved their membership to Capers Chapel. 1 other attends Capers Chapel regularly.  2 others are serving as ministers within other Churches already.  I also continued to serve as the Pastor at Capers Chapel pointing back to the Way and the Truth attempting to lead them back to their Hebraic Roots until June 2020.



2015 was an interesting year.  I have seen God move with even more power including Healing and filling people with His Love and Peace.  It was also a year that I saw God move powerfully with my Mom.  She was on her death bed on July 5, 2015 and not given a week to live.  But three days later, God moved powerfully.  God gave us five plus more months to spend with Mom.  She passed away December 19, 2015.  

 I became a Substitute Teacher within the local School District in 2016 and worked full-time at Jackson STEM Middle School from August 2017 until March 2019 as an Teacher's Aide.  It was in March 2019 that I became the Teacher/Instructor of the Emergency Fire-EMS Management program at the Aiken County Career & Technology Center.  There I am teaching Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, CPR, Emergency Medical Responder, Hazmat Awareness, Hazmat Operations, and Firefighting.  It was also here that YeHoVaH  brought me to know a very good friend and Native American Chief from the Kiowa Nation, Charles Reyes-LittleEagle.  Chief LittleEagle volunteers in my class and it is clear that YeHoVaH has brought us together for such a time as this... 

​ I also am hearing/feeling a call to Native Americans and the House of Israel.  As in Jeremiah 6:16, YeHoVaH is calling His People to return to ancient paths which involves their Hebraic Roots and to following the Scriptures. We will see how YeHoVaH will develop and open doors in His Timing...  Let us get back to the Scriptures and follow The Way of Jesus (Yeshua) instead of the false "Jesus" and "traditions of men" that the "Church" has taught..  (See Matthew 5:17-20)  YeHoVaH is bringing the House of Israel (scattered to all nations) and the House of Judah back together, united together, following Torah, and in his timing, bring them "all" back into the Land of Israel.  (Ezekiel 37)  

One may ask, why so many different groups of people, churches, ministries and detours along your journey?  I did not design or plan my walk from any "Word" given to us over the years, but they are filed away and at times I will look back at them to see if anything applies.  As I look back now to a "Word" given on 09-12-99 (through Harold Eberle at the Aiken Vineyard) I see that God knows even when we do not know at the time.  Here is just parts of that "Word":

"And indeed, man of God, you know Truth. And I have established you as a man that will establish Truth. That is what you are established to do. To not be with just one group of people but to be in the mist of the Body of Christ going here and there, here and there…"  

"I will take you to one group of Christians to another group of Christians to another group of Christians. And you are going to establish Truth where you go. You have been put in the earth to do it. So, don’t hold back. Don’t think small.  I see a ministry-training center.  You are spending an extended time there training people, teaching them and then you go to another ministry training Bible College kind of thing.  And God will open up the door for you there also... "

​​Today YeHoVaH is making connections with others also that have or are coming back to The Way and the Hebraic Roots of the Faith.  YeHoVaH is desiring for us to share the "Gospel of the Kingdom".  The "Gospel of the Kingdom" was Jesus' (Yeshua's) main focus and only message.  We also need to share the same and only Gospel that Jesus shared.  It is Time to "Return to the Book" that Yeshua had and taught from.  Our desire is to also start up and build Home Fellowships like The Way did in the beginning.  These can be part of a existing local church, fellowship, group or something brand new and not connected with an established ministry.  If you are interesting in joining or help starting a Hebraic Home Fellowship contact us.

Picture with Dr. Kenny Russel during the "I'm Done With Religion Tour" in 2016 in Augusta, GA.  
Kenny lives in Israel and with the "Hebrew Roots Center Galilee".   
Kenny's ministry is called BulldozerFaith.  Click here for more details about Kenny and BulldozerFaith.

Picture with Dr. Kim Goldman and Chaim Goldman with their ministry called "Repairing the Breach".  
This was in 2017 at New Life Natural Foods in Augusta, GA.  Dr. Kim Goldman presented a  "Biblical Health Workshop".  
They both shared their powerful testimony.  Chaim Goldman then shared the main teaching on the Kingdom called 
"The Gospel of the Kingdom: Y'shua's Only Message & Our Soul Purpose."
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"Repairing the Breach".

Picture with Keith Johnson (a Former United Methodist Minister) that is the founder of Biblical Foundation Academy International,
with one of the "New Ambassadors" of Biblical Foundation Academy International.

Together we are going to help the whole world "Return to the Book"!

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The vision of Biblical Foundations Academy, International began to take shape in the ancient tunnels under the Old City of Jerusalem. Seeing the massive foundation stones that support the Western Wall inspired us to begin creating material for those who are seeking a biblical foundation for their faith. Since receiving the vision in Jerusalem there have been many opportunities to provide information, inspiration, and revelation to people around the world through television, radio, books, internet, DVDs, and live presentations.

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We believe in providing biblical information, inspiration, and revelation that can change peoples’ lives. We believe that the world-famous Lord’s Prayer—in its original language, history, and context—is a life-changing message for Jews and Gentiles alike to get back to the Word of God and its application for His people. We also believe and practice the words of Jesus when he answered that the most important message in Scripture is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. It is our prayer that those we reach will desire to become like Ezra, who set his heart to study the word of God, to observe it, and to teach it to His people (Ezra 7:10).

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