Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes is an eye opener book where God comes and spends some time with you expressing His Love for You. It starts with a letter from God to you. Then God invites you to go with Him to some of those quiet, secret places and spends some quality time together while sharing with you some of the truths of how He sees you. His desire is to show you how much He loves you and the potential that he sees within you. His desire is for you and Him to have that close personal loving relationship that you have been missing. The information in this book has the power and potential to totally change your life as you no longer look at yourself or at God the same way again. You have royal blood within your DNA and that royalty desires to become more and beyond what you ever dreamed about. This book is a tool to help your reach your full potential in the anointing while providing you with many other tools within to help you achieve the calling God has for your life.


It is interesting how this book came to be. On August 20, 2011 while at a "Glory Gathering" in Augusta GA put on by "Much More Ministries", I heard "Now is the time to write your book". I thought that could not be God talking to me. But two nights later, He awoke me "downloading" the Introduction Letter. I got up and wrote what came to me as fast as I could and started to go back to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow Chapter One started coming in.... I ended up being up all night writing what God was "Downloading". Needless to say, within two weeks the book was finished. It is truly a love letter from God to YOU and all that will read it. It is designed not to be read just one time but has tools within to soak up all that God wants you to have within it. I believe that this book was God sent for this time and season and will talk to the hearts of many.... I believe it is a book you have to have and if you let it soak in you, God will change your life with it.





            This document with its contents within, which were marked and classified as TOP SECRET in the past, is now being unclassified and given to you.  This document had been stolen in years gone by and hidden away by the enemy. It is now being revealed to you and all who have been chosen and preordained to pick up and who now are reading it.

             Yes, I have chosen you to have this document within your hands for such a time as this.  The information within is to officially certify your hidden identity, position and authority as well as your official royal mission and tasks from this day forward.

             In the years past, you have been deceived, mislead, mistreated, lied to and even many attempts have been made on your life as well as the lives of others to keep this powerful, life changing, information and truth from reaching your hands.  Now is the time of your destiny as well as the special supernatural appointed time that I have chosen to get this all important information into your hands.

             Let it be known, from this day forward, of your true identity.  You, my beloved child, are my long lost child filled with my royal blood.  I have spent many years in searching for and it is on this day that I have found you and now I have placed this document in your own hands.  It is in your hands now so that you and all others that may also hold it to read and know that I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND LIFE.  You are very special to me from even before the day you were born and took your first breath.

             It even breaks my heart of all the ways that the enemy has been trying to keep us apart.  But let it be known, that from this day forward all of that will change as you take hold of and step into your inheritance knowing your true identity, position, authority and mission in life.  Yes, you are my chosen, once lost yet forever loved, unique and very special child.  You are my beloved child that I have longed to embrace within my arms.  I look forward to hold on to you now as we share time, love, and all the special dreams and plans I have for you from this day forward.  Yes, many of those dreams that you had from years gone by, many that you had thought were just fancies and would never come true, those I planted within you.

             I gave many of those, almost fairytale like dreams of the past, to you.  Remember the dreams where you always were victorious and they always had a happy ending where you always overcame any obstacle you faced.  They were given and implanted in you long, long ago because you truly are that special royal child that once you dreamed of and even played and imagined to be.  So my child, with all my love, I want you to dream again.  When you dream this time I want it to not be fairytales of the past.  This time it is for real and it is who you really are.  You are royalty, loved and the potential that I have given and placed within you are above and beyond anything that you could ever think or imagine.

             My beloved child, from this day forward, I pray that your life will totally change.  This change will be all for the better as you step into and become all that you were born and meant to be from the very foundations of the world.  For today, I am going to start a process of anointing you with my special anointing oil reserved only for royalty.  And yes, my child, that is exactly who and what you are.  You are royalty and this anointing has been and is forever reserved for you.  It has your name written on it since even before you were born.

             Now is the time to start receiving this anointing as well as stepping into who you really are and were born to become.  Today you are to start the journey from where you are and advance to where you are called to be as you begin to realize your true identity.  I am providing all that you will need to help you reach your full potential.  I am providing, within my anointing that I am placing on you this day, much more than you will need to reach that potential.  Not only am I placing my royal anointing oil on you but I am also going to supernaturally fill you on the inside with my anointing.  This anointing is my Holy Spirit, which over time, will totally replace those lies, pains, hurts and even the now hidden and forgotten painful things of the past.  My Holy Spirit will replace those things with my peace, comfort and everlasting love.

             So I invite you now, with all my love, to take this book I am providing you today.  Take it and read it because it is to help you discover who you are and help you to reach and fulfill your full potential in my anointing as my royal and Holy Child that you truly are.

With all My Love,

 Your Heavenly Father
 King of the Universe
 Your True Daddy
 (Unlike any other parent that you have known)

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